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 Free Online Classes During The Coronavirus Emergency

  • Our Free Court Classes System Is Already In Place!
  • ​14 Years Of Online Court Classes Experience!
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  • ​We're The Largest Online Court Class In The Nation!
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 *All Online Court Classes Are FREE
 Students Only Pay An Enrollment Fee Of $79
*Applies To All Students Who Enroll Into Our Program During The Coronavirus Emergency.
Regardless of the situation, we must continue to hold people accountable, and simultaneously keep them safe while doing so, during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 

Because the greater the external chaos and system disruption that the Coronavirus creates, the greater the need for support, education, and supervision! 

It is at times like the Coronavirus Emergency, that people can fall through the cracks, and we assist the court, parole, and probation departments to make sure that they don't, by providing free court classes! 

For the past 14 years, our agency has worked with tens of thousands of students, from municipalities all over the country. And because of the new Coronavirus epidemic, we stepped up, and are now providing free online court classes. 

Because when disaster hits, we have the know-how and systems in-place, so that there is no lag in services and supervision for those involved.  
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It is at times like this that communities, courts, parole, probation, and service providers must all work together!
Mr. Lake, Founder/CEO
*Court Program Update: Coronavirus

As the largest provider of online court classes in the nation, due to the disruption caused by the Coronavirus, we have made a commitment to assist state and local courts, parole, and probation departments, by offering free online court classes

Because these are free court classes, the only cost to the student will be a one-time intake fee of only $79, which will save most clients an average of well over $650. 

I have dedicated my agency over the years, to help respond to emergencies such as floods and more, as this is the true nature of service. We now live in unprecedented times, and because of the spread of the Coronavirus, an unprecedented response is needed now more than ever. 

It is at times like this that we must all be willing to stand together and do our part, which is why today, we have once again dedicated our agency and our amazing team, to help others during this health emergency, to keep students and staff safe.
Courts, parole and probation departments, as well as families across the nation, are being affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. So many things that we depend on to live our daily lives, are no longer safe places, because of the Coronavirus.

Jobs, transportation, schools, events, and more, are now a breeding ground for the Coronavirus to spread. The full impact has yet to be seen, which is why we are offering free court classes for those who need it.

We must remember what's important... and that is, the health and safety of our students and staff, and all of the amazing people who work at the many departments, agencies, and courts across the nation, because all of their children, family, and friends, are also at risk. Which is why we have decided to provide all of our court classes for free. 

Together we are stronger than the Coronavirus, but we must all work together to do our part! 
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Court, Parole, And Probation Departments  
Utilize Our Online Free Court Classes When Emergencies Arise
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Due To The Coronavirus We're Providing Free Court Classes!