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**URGENT: We have special funding! We are the National Provider of online court classes, and have made a commitment to assist you. Access your class: Online DV Classes.
All you need to do is get enrolled, take the class, and graduate. It's at times like this that we must all stand together and do our part. Your future matters, and we'll help you get there! 
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Our BIPP Classes Are Routinely Recognized, To Fulfill The Court & Legal Employment Requirements.
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All of our Batterers Intervention Programs are 100% online, allowing you to keep your job, deal with an illness, or any other difficulty, and fit your court class into your schedule.
All Online BIPP Classes can be taken on any device that has access to the Internet.
Your completion certificate comes backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. We have provided online court classes for 14 years. Our only goal is your success.
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Domestic Violence Classes
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  • ​Proof of Enrollment Included
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Online Batterers Intervention Programs
Court Pre-Trial Intervention and Diversion Classes
Our online court classes are available 24/7, allowing you to meet your court obligations without having to schedule time off from work or school. Also, internet-based courses are never cancelled, and are private, so that you can focus on the many other parts of your life. All of our courses can be accessed from any smart phone, computer, mobile device, or tablet at any time.
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Online Domestic Violence Classes!

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Online Court Ordered Classes!
Court Ordered Domestic Violence Classes
Frequently Asked Questions
  • ​1. How do I sign up to take my online court classes?
Your court classes are designed to be taken completely over the internet. You don't need an appointment or have to visit an office. Simply click on one of the links to view and choose the court classes that you need, or call us, as a friendly volunteer is standing by to assist you. We are all human beings, and need some assistance when things get tough. To begin, please click one of the blue buttons and select what you need from the list of online batterers intervention programs, and let's fit this into your schedule. 
  • 2. Are there any reviews or paperwork needed? 
Depending on which course that you select, the judge or probation may request periodic progress reports prior to your next court date, or after completing your online bipp classes we will provide you with your Proof of Completion Certificate Report. And, so that you have a permanent copy for your own records, we will email your reports to you as an attachment, so that you can forward a copy to anyone you wish. If you'd like, we can email a copy to your attorney, at no additional charge.
  • ​3. How long are the batterers intervention prevention programs?
The court will provide you with the length of the course you are required to take, and how you are to take it. You do not need to complete the course in one sitting. Once registered, you may start and stop the course at your convenience. You know your schedule best. Depending on the bipp classes that you enroll into, you will either have access to the complete set of lessons all at once, or you will receive one lesson per week until completed. The judge or probation department may allow you to expedite your online bipp classes, however that is determined by them, not us.
  • ​4. When will I receive my certificate of completion report?
Your completion paperwork is typically sent to you within 24 hours of completing your course, and is always emailed to you as an attachment, as emailing your completion paperwork is the safest way to get it to you, because physical copies are no longer mailed out. This also allows you to always have a permanent copy for your records. We are simply here to help you.
  • 5. How do you know where to send my certificate of completion report?
During registration we will ask for your email address so that we can forward you your batterers intervention programs access information and enrollment verification letter, and we will use this same email address to forward your completion paperwork to you. Also, if you wish, we can send your program completion paperwork to a different email address, just email us giving us permission to do so. Simply provide the name and email address of the person you wish for us to email it to. There's never any extra fees for this. Matter of fact, there are no hidden or extra fees at all! 
  • ​6. What is on the certificate of completion report?
Your certificate of completion is a specific type of letter and report that the judge and your attorney requires informing them of what type of course that you successfully completed. It is the same paperwork that all courts require to verify that your online batterers intervention programs requirement was fulfilled. Also, the courts can use many different terms for the same course, depending on what part of the country you live in. Some of the terms are: BIP, Batterers Intervention Programs, BIPP, Batterers Intervention Prevention Programs, TX, VIPP, Violence Intervention Prevention Programs, Batterers Course, Batterers DV Classes, FVIP, Family Violence Prevention Programs. They are all the same course, but some states call them by different names. For well over a decade, we've helped tens of thousands of people from all walks of life meet their court requirements.
  • ​7. Are your batterers intervention prevention programs guaranteed to be accepted?
Yes. While many participants take our bipp classes, utilizing them for many different reasons, most will take these courses to fulfill an occupational or legal requirement. We are very confident in the quality and acceptance of our courses. If for any reason our certificate is not accepted to meet a legal requirement, upon receipt of verifiable written proof from the judge that made the decline, we will refund your money in full. Over the years judges, probation, and parole departments have recommended our batterers intervention programs. We're a non-profit, and have served hundreds of communities nationwide for well over 14 years, with 95% of our staff being trained experienced volunteers, who are committed to your success.
  • ​8. Will I receive proof of enrollment in the online batterers intervention programs?
Yes. Proof of enrollment will be emailed to you at no additional charge upon successful enrollment. All of our court courses are available 24/7, allowing you to take your online court classes without having to take time off from work or school. Many courts recommend our court classes when a special need arises, such as a conflict in your work schedule, or due to a medical difficulty, because our home study court classes offer students better options that other programs cannot.
  • ​9. What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. This includes debit cards, credit cards, and pre-paid cards.
  • 10. Can I start and stop my online court ordered classes?
This is actually up to the court to decide. However, many people travel, go on vacation, or have a medical or personal situation they need to deal with. Should this occur, please contact your attorney or the judge and we'll pause your classes, and when ready, you can start again. There is no extra cost for this.
  • ​11. Is my information made public in any way?
No. We do not share your information with anyone without your approved permission. You always have the option to forward your enrollment letter, progress reports, and certificate of completion report to a third-party that you specify, but this is optional, and the choice is entirely yours. In addition, we are committed to protecting your privacy. Our site uses special encryption to protect your personal information, as we fully understand what it takes to keep you and your information safe.
  • ​12. Is there any specific device or experience needed?
No. If you can login and send an email, then you can access and successfully complete the course. Also, because age and level of online experience can vary from one student to another, all of our online batterers intervention prevention programs are designed for even the most inexperienced person to be able to complete their course requirement. In addition, all of your lessons can be taken on any device that has access to the internet: (Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Smart Phones). You can even start on one device and continue on another! However, should you need assistance, just ask! 
  • ​13. Why are your class fees so low compared to other locations?
As a non-profit, we have been able to secure very special funding that significantly lowers the cost that you pay for your bipp classes. This is also why there are never any hidden fees, and why so many people count on us to help them put an end to the difficult situation they're dealing with. Simply choose the best option for you, and let's get you started. 
  • ​14. Why do people take courses over the internet?
Although each person and circumstance are different, many of the reasons are: Student Lives In Remote Area, Employment Schedule Conflict, Special Needs or Handicap, Public Figure or High-Profile Client, There's No Local Provider, Unable To Drive To Physical Location, Needs Low-Cost Alternative, Unable To Secure or Afford Childcare. If you have any questions simply ask your attorney or the judge, as many are switching to our batterers intervention prevention programs.
  • ​15. Are the classes available in Spanish or other languages?
Yes, once enrolled, all of your lessons are available in 30 different languages, which is why judges and probation departments from all over use our services. Typically our bipp clases are provided in English, however with the use of today's amazing technology, through the use of Google's Automatic Translation tools, each one of your lessons can now be taken in any of the top 30 languages. In other words, our ability to immediately translate your lessons from English into any language best suited for you is already built into your course, furthering your ability to be successful. This translation service is provided free, and it is easy to use, as all you have to do is click one button to choose the language best for you. It's that easy. This is why, no matter who you are, no matter where you're from, we will do all we can to assist you.
  • ​16. I still have a question, what do I do? 
Simply enter your information in the form above, or call us at (800) 745-9870, so that we can help you right away. You can also find us on Facebook, and we will do all we can to assist you. Even though our office hours are M-F from 9 AM to 5 PM, Pacific Time, USA, all of our online court classes are available 24/7, allowing you to take your online bipp classes without having to take time off from work or school. Over 80k people have successfully completed their course requirements with us, so can you.
  • ​17. The course that I need is not listed, what do I do? 
As a national provider, we have 26 different courses, which makes it impossible to list all of them on a single web page. Additional courses are being added, as more judges and probation departments now use our court classes. Simply enter your information in the form above, or call us, so that we can answer any questions, and enroll you into the exact course you need.
  • ​18. Is this the online bipp court classes that I need? 
The court will tell you what bipp court classes to take, as well as for how long, and then we will enroll you into that specific course. Our online court classes are easy to access, allowing you to take your online bipp classes without having to take time off from work or school. If you're required to take court classes, click the button below, or contact us right away.
Once you enroll you will have access to your bipp course classes 24 hours a day, and can do so from any computer, mobile device, smart phone, or tablet. Yep, it's that easy to start.
All of our bipp classes are taken securely over the internet, and are designed to naturally help strengthen your ability to make better choices and learn skills that will ultimately help create a happier, healthier life. Many of the lessons taught inside our online bipp classes cover a range of personal behavior skills that are essential for life. The topics that are covered in our bipp classes can really help a person succeed in their personal, professional, and social life. Making responsible decisions are key skills everyone needs in life. Thinking skills include problem-solving, critical-thinking, decision-making, and creativity. These types of lessons are very important to making good decisions, like getting enrolled into your course right away, and how to evaluate information objectively, without additional problems being created. Your life matters!
Batterers Intervention Programs
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*We have helped thousands of people to move past their difficult situation, putting all of this behind them, so that they can finally move on with their life... and so can you!
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